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A Kindred Teacher That I've Found

  I have been exploring, studying and testing the power of language since 1994. 

I peruse the internet and bookstores frequently looking for others who are teaching the core creative power of language. There are precious few who have discovered this astounding power beyond the use of affirmations... 

One of those few is Mary Robinson/Reynolds. I do not recommend teachers lightly. I’ve followed Mary’s activity over the past year or so watching closely how she applies her understanding of the creative role of language in our lives. 

Mary has successfully accomplished something I’ve tried and failed to do three times over the past three years. I’ve known that if a master mind group focused ONLY on the true creative level of conscious language construction rather than the illusory level of attempting to create by “doing,” that miracles would occur. 

Three times I’ve attempted to create a mastermind group with this foundation and each time I’ve failed to communicate clearly enough to get the group to stay focused on the true creative level of conscious language choice. I failed because I, myself, was unconscious of my own subtle attempt to DO (communicate) the right thing in order to succeed. 

Physical “doing” can NOT create but we are unconscious of so much of our language and thought structure that even when we begin to awaken to our true creative Self, we continues to covertly re-create many ”powerless” experiences

I've taught for years that languaging partners are an excellent way to become more conscious of one's unconscious creating and to begin to re-create our lives according to our love rather than our fear. Mary Robinson/Reynolds has a pretty clear program that provides a clear and simple way for two or more people to understand and interact from the level of supporting our true creative function - Conscious Language Choosing. 

I strongly recommend that you check out Mary Robinson/Reynolds 12 session course, Master Mind 101. You can read the second session of the course for free at this link Mary Reynolds-Robinson . If you want to purchase the course (usually $79.00 and worth many times that)  this link  will take you there. 

It is rare that I personally recommend another teacher’s products. MasterMind 101 is largely consistent with the essentials of language that I have discovered, tested and proven over and over. 

Wishing you the best you can imagine and speak, Joyce Morris




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