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Universal Law?

27 Jan 2004

Universal Law?
A Really Good Idea

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In 1978 I heard a speaker boldly claim that if there is any Universal Law it is the Law of Balance.  Since then I have bounced back and forth between trying to disprove that claim and recognizing its truth in ever expanding applications.  As we watch our scientific physical "laws" being dis-proven or qualified over the course of time, it becomes apparent that we don't know as much about Universal Law as we once believed. 

We often speak of balance as a state to be maintained.  The inference is that we can also fail to achieve or maintain balance. 

However, I invite you to consider that Balance could possibly be an ever-present aspect of Universal Law.  If it is, then balance is not achievable nor maintainable.  It simply IS the state of all that is experienced in this Universe.  If that is true, then we have some work to do in order to become conscious of the balance functioning in our everyday experiences. 

If there is a Universal Law of Balance it doesn't cease to operate simply because we name an event or person "imbalanced" or "out of balance."

Perhaps Balance doesn't need to be created but rather needs to be recognized.  To do so we must let go of some of our old beliefs and allow new ones to take form.  Harmony is simply another expression of balance. 

Consider opening your awareness to the possibility that Harmony (Balance) exists beyond our awareness wherever and whenever we believe we are experiencing disharmony or imbalance.  Consider also that bringing that Balance into our awareness is only a matter of choosing to do so.

Another ripple resulting from this concept of Universal Balance is that if we change one area of our experience, there will be an automatic change in another or perhaps several other areas of our experience. 

Those other areas that change automatically may not necessarily appear to be related to the original change.  They may feel very far removed from our conscious choices.  In fact, they may feel completely disconnected from our control when in fact they could be the direct result of our choices triggering the Universal Law of Balance.

I suspect more strongly every day that there is actually NOTHING happening in my experience that is caused outside of my own choices.

Wishing you a joyful and fulfilling understanding of Universal Balance.

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Joyce Morris


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