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A Joyful Experiment

A Joyful experiment

Posted on Feb. 16, 2006

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We all love music, natural beauty, excellent food, fragrant smells and wonderful textures.  Here's a suggestion for an experiment. 


The next time you have a few moments to enjoy one of those great sensations, make this very slight but very powerful shift.  Instead of paying attention to the music, the view, the food, etc., shift your attention to yourself. 


Pay attention to your ability to hear, see, taste, smell, touch the things in your experience.  Find the very basic joy that is the predominant experience of infancy - the joy of hearing sounds, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling.  Feel the joy in being able to distinguish harmonies, rhythms, sounds, voices. 


There is a profound joy in being able to see and recognize color, balance, depth, light, shape, uniqueness.  We routinely blow past this joy to pay attention to the objects that we are experiencing.  The greater joy is in our power to experience and the sensations themselves, not the objects that we favor. 


Why should you try this?  Because every moment that you can add to your day of increasing your awareness of joy in your direct experience of yourself, will be multiplied in many new joyful events in your experience. 


If you have difficulty doing this experiment, call in the Language Guns - "I know how to do this and I do it."

Wishing You the Best Outcome you can Imagine and Speak,

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