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Could You Use A Little More Support?

Could you use a little more support for your dream?

Posted on Jan. 15, 2006

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Ever feel Unsupported? 


What would your choice of language have to do with that?  Why would the language you use be important?  Because...  You can't create a vision without it.  You can't define a desire without it.  You can't solve a problem without it.  Language drives visualizing.  Visuals drive feeling.  Feeling drives more language.  And the cycle goes on and on. 


While we are unconscious of 90% of our internal experience (images, language, feelings, beliefs, etc.), they are all represented in the conscious or unconscious language we use day in and day out. 


Does your language match and support the vision of you fulfilling your dreams?  Or is it peppered with "hopes, maybes. ifs, nots?"  Compare these statements.

  • "I am completing my plan,"
  • "I am working on my plan."
  • "If all goes well, I'll complete my plan."
  • "I hope I get to complete my plan."

Whatever language you employ supports an image of you related to your dream.  That image creates a feeling which is nothing more than the vibrating of that image into your outer life.  Looking at the four sentences above, which would you want vibrating out into your life? 


Have you ever felt unsupported in reaching your dream?  Look into your everyday language for unsupportive words and statements.  They aren't accidental.  All your Language is driven by your beliefs about yourself.  You don't have to fiddle with the beliefs, just change the language you use.  The beliefs will come up as a result.


Then what?  Then keep the supportive language working for you.  No matter how much you want to believe in your inadequacy and powerlessness, choose to support your success instead.  You do that with your language.  The mental images will change as a result and then your feelings will follow. 


The language you choose to use is one of your most powerful creative tools.  Pay attention to it to find where you are holding yourself out of your dream (and in your struggle) and then use new language to place you firmly in the completion of your dream.

Wishing You the Best Outcome you can Imagine and Speak,

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