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The Cycle Begat by Language

The cycle begat by language

Posted on May. 7, 2006

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What happens when we speak?  An image is produced in at least two minds - the speaker's and the listener's.  If we've spoken purposefully and precisely about the outcome we want, the image that follows is clear, positive and supports the fulfillment of that outcome - in at least two minds.  If we've spoken carelessly and unconsciously, the image that follows is generally unconscious but well defined, and often supportive of an outcome we DON'T believe we want - in at least two minds.


The images, both conscious and unconscious, that our words produce, do not just sit there benignly in our minds.  They generate a feeling - in at least two minds.  Nor are those feelings benign.  They stimulate responses, decisions and attractions - in at least two lives.  Are those, then, benign?  Not a chance.  They demonstrate our limitations, and those limitations we wish to impose on others - in at least two lives.  But it doesn't stop there. 


It recycles as we talk about the feelings and their demonstrations of our unconsciously chosen realities.  The previously produced image is re-inforced - in at least two minds, probably adding a new mind or two to the cycle.  And the beat goes on. 


We can't change our feelings without changing our conscious and unconscious mental images.  We can't change our mental images without changing our conscious and unconscious language.  We CAN change our language at will as we become conscious of the images our language produces and as we choose to speak the outcome we desire instead the ones we don't desire.

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