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Language Is Key To Everything

Learning to Listen To Yourself

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Your language defines the image that is continually vibrating from your mind into your experience. 

There is NO superfluous or non-vibrating language


That statement is core to your already operating creative function.  It harks back to the words in the book of John.  "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." - (Original King James Version.)  


We don't have to espouse Christian beliefs in order to "get" this.  I've proven this too many times to question it any longer, and so can you. 

Even if you have a clear image of your vision, I and others can only share your vision via  language.  In everyday conversation, this kind of "scrutiny" of language may not be a big deal, but in a vision intended to re-create your future, that will be held and multiplied by the power of multiple members of your group, you will want it to express precisely what you desire. 

Actually, in a twisty way any vision does that because language and belief are inseparable, but I want to challenge you to examine the beliefs that are hidden in most of your visioning statements, and then to help you sharpen that vision to the point where it will take you exactly where you want to go in your future experiences.

In another article I gave you 7 tips to help you create a powerful vision.  In this article, I'll share some ways you can expose your hidden (unwanted) beliefs in your vision and re-focus it to a laser sharp vibration, through the language you use to define your vision.
  1. Watch for "justifications" of why it's OK for you to envision a certain success.  Lose them.  Whatever you desire to envision is OK simply because you say so.
  2. Watch for "explanations" of how you will use your success for the good of others.  Lose them. You can not avoid being a benefit to everyone you touch when you are a benefit to yourself.  On the other hand, you cannot be much of a benefit to others when you can't even freely decide to benefit yourself.
  3. Watch for elements in your vision that are about "fixing" you or making you more qualified to experience the success you desire.  No one needs to go through any steps of healing, fixing or qualifying in order to justify being fulfilled.  Fulfillment is your birthright.  The power to claim that birthright is a power that is already, and has always been, and can only be continually at work in your mind and life.  Choose the outcome you want.  Stop believing steps are needed to justify or qualify you for that outcome. 
  4. Watch for language in your vision that attempts to capture your entire future and create a big enough result to protect you forever from any additional danger or problems.  That's about fear.  Creating a vision that is about fear (even disguised fear) will ensure more feared experiences that you will wish you had been protected from.  Creating a vision is a fluid activity.  You do it today.  Tomorrow part of that vision begins to unfold and you sharpen or refine it.  Next week, you learn something new that jumps you three months into your vision.  Next month you realize your vision is tiny and confining and you suddenly need to expand it.  Experience is plastic.  A vision is never ground in stone. 
  5. Watch for language designed to protect you from the possibility that your vision or a part of it may not fall into place for you.  Words like, hope, maybe, I'd like, if, whenever.  You can't envision "hoping" and at the same time envision "being fulfilled."  If your vision is you, hoping for a result, then your future will be you, still hoping for that same result.

Your language defines the picture your mind IS holding and IS vibrating into your experience.  Your language can also be used to insert a new mental image that will begin vibrating into your future experiences.  Your language creates the image that the Universe of Mind manifests as your experience.  Your experience isn't driving your language.  It is your language that is driving your experience.   

Your language defines the beliefs and images that generate your feelings.  When your feelings are in conflict with what you think you desire, look at your language for the cause. 

  • Are you using language that diminishes you?  If so, then you have beliefs that you are small. 
  • Are you using language that denies you freedom from your prisons?  Then you have beliefs that you are powerless. 
  • Are you using language that describes you as powerless to fulfill your dreams?  Change your language and your beliefs will change to match the vision. 

Do not let your beliefs drive your vision. 
Your desire is meant to drive your vision.

The purpose of visioning is to free ourselves from our silent prisons.  Create visions that are free of prisons. 

Wishing You the Best Outcome you can Imagine and Speak,

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