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The Language of Freedom

The Language of Freedom
We're all Inmates

Posted on Mar. 14, 2006
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It is interesting that inmates believe either that they deserve to be imprisoned or that someone more powerful than they believes they deserve to be imprisoned.  In the latter case they still hold a hidden belief that they deserve to be imprisoned because they weren't strong enough or clever enough or lucky enough to stay out of reach of the enforcer. 


The recidivism rate of up to 80% is so high because those beliefs don't change when they leave prison.  They still believe that their history prevents them from claiming the experience of equality and acceptance by the community.  They struggle for jobs, housing, adequate income, and even a restoration of loving family relationships. 


Many find it too difficult to live outside of prison, not realizing they carried their "prison" beliefs with them when they left prison. 

We all have prisons of our own making.  Even when we attempt to escape, we will return to the safety of our self-imposed prison if we don't change our thinking patterns to support a life outside our prison walls.


To free yourself from a prison without physical walls, you must be willing to stop believing that you deserve the limitation of your prison walls.  You must be willing to recognize your innate right to be in any experience you choose simply because you choose the experience. 


Stop using the prison language of limitation and resistance.  Begin using the language of freedom to choose.  Claim your right to be supported in the freedom of life outside the prisons of your own making.  Stop speaking of people or groups as more powerful than you, who keep you in your limitations. 


Speak the language of support and synchronicity in fulfilling your dreams.

Wishing You the Best Outcome you can Imagine and Speak,
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