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Thanksgiving - Time to shift gears

Posted on Nov. 18, 2005

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My goodness, Thanksgiving is next week already.  Business will have to be set aside for our annual family festivities. I recently read Michael Murdock's well organized list for weekly business planning but it will have to be tabled temporarily to accommodate several days of preparation for one of our biggest family events of the year. 


In our home the preparations begin in earnest as early as Sunday when we take stock of what is needed, pull out special things that we only use during the holidays, and begin deep cleaning the house. 


This year I thought I might try to streamline the Thanksgiving process as it pretty much blows the whole week as far as getting any business done.  I'm doing the same thing in my business right now - streamlining my processes and eliminating clutter that just slows me down. 


I noted some ways I could tighten the Thanksgiving preparations but a huge rebellion came from within me and screamed, "No!  You leave my Thanksgiving alone.  It's about loved ones, joy, sharing, celebration, contribution and gratitude.  You need more of that, not less." 


Since the rebellious voice had reminded me of what my Thanksgiving focus was, I wondered what my business focus is.  It's generally about work, steps, planning, goals, learning curve, evaluation, numbers, interruptions, deadlines, production, improvements, and the like


Thanksgiving has all those elements as well but they support the primary focus of loved ones, celebration, etc.  I know that we produce what we focus on, and in my business I've been focusing on more of what I don't want instead of more of what I do want. 


This last weekend before Thanksgiving, I'm going to put my business time into getting more of my Thanksgiving focus into my business instead of getting more of my business focus into my Thanksgiving.


Wishing you the holiday week and Business life of your dreams

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